Hatch Chiles

Hatch Chile season has begun at Super Saver!


Stop by one of the next few weekends for hatch chile roasting and get some delicious chiles for your next meal!  They are only available once a year!

Hatch chiles are only grown one place in the whole world: Hatch Valley, New Mexico!  The intense sunlight and cool nights of the Hatch Valley make it a unique environment to grow these chiles and makes their flavor different than any other chile.

Hatch chiles can be red or green, depending on when they are picked.  Green chiles are picked before maturing and are roasted for a smoky flavor.  When left to mature, they turn red and develop a sweeter flavor.  The heat of a hatch chile depends on how dry the year was: the drier the year, the hotter the chile!

Super Saver will roast your hatch chiles!  Stop by one of our participating locations on Saturday or Sunday on August 17 and 18 to get your hatch chiles roasted.  Click below to see the full schedule and locations!